Benefits of buying resale homes in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Short Sales.

Resale homes are priced based on recent, local homes sold in the past six months. Condition is a primary factor in pricing a home and how it is received by buyers. Short Sale and Foreclosure opportunities are available. We'll add these homes to your home search.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Resale homes are ready for quick occupancy. Not only that, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. provides all of our buyers with a FREE one year home warranty.

Resale homes are ready for quick occupancy. Not only that, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. provides all of our buyers with a FREE one year home warranty and a FREE home inspection with a home inspector of your choice.

Ask your agent for the sales history of a community BEFORE making an offer. Making offers at list price is not usually necessary in our present BUYER'S MARKET. List prices are not coming down as quickly as they should be SOLD prices are showing significant price reductions.

Buying an existing home is often the best decision when a home is needed quickly or when there are no new home sites in the area of your search. can help you find an existing home in the best condition possible for your price range. Well maintained homes are jewels and that's our goal, to find a jewel for you.

Resale homes are coming down in price and should give home buyers in Maryland and Northern Virginia a good opportunity for building equity. Mortgage rates are still good and 100% loans are still available. Contact me and I'll go over your qualifying numbers with you. We can help.

Most resale homes are "move-in ready" and can be occupied by the new home owners within a few weeks or a couple of months. Average settlement in the Maryland and Virginia real estate market place is 30-45 days. This is sufficient time to get full mortgage approval, all of the desired inspections, survey, scheduling the move in dates for the home buyers and move out dates for the home seller. Buyer takes possession and seller gives possession of property on the day of settlement about 99% of the time in this area. There are provisions for early or Pre-Settlement Occupancy for buyers on vacant homes. There are also provisions for rental of the sold home through a Post Settlement Occupancy for the sellers. However, these agreements are rare and to be avoided if possible.

Most homes in the Maryland and Northern Virginia area have basements. New homes are sold with unfinished basements. By the time a home owners has owned the home for more than a year or two, they will contract to have the basement finished meaning that the space will be finished to provide a recreation room, perhaps a bedroom or two and a full or half bath. Builders also offer finished basements as an option when the home is built. Finished basements
add value to a home, but at a less cost per square foot than above grade finished square feet.

Most builders offer a landscaping package of a shrubs and ground covers as well as a sodded or seeded grass covering for the yard. Many home owners, however, like to garden and will have added additional shrubbery to the landscaping. This landscaping is often very lovely and adds visual value to a resale home, but not much to the price. Home owners may have planted bulbs, annual plantings or additional ground covers as well as border trees, fruit trees, decorative trees and often decks, gazebos or other yard decorations will add beauty to resale homes.

When looking for homes for sale in Maryland and Northern Virginia, resale homes often make a lot of sense.

home in South Riding, Loudoun County, Virginia resale home in Columbia Howard County, Maryland resale luxury home in Potomac Town Homes in Purcellville
7 year old resale home in South Riding, Loudoun County, Virginia
5 year old resale home in Columbia Howard County, Maryland
8 year old resale luxury home in
Potomac in Montgomery County, MD
Luxury resale Town Homes in
Purcellville, Loudoun County, VA
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25 year old resale home in
Reston, Fairfax County, VA
30 year old resale home in Severna Park in Anne Arundel County, Virginia
New homes in inventory in
Lovettsville, Loudoun County, VA

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Resale Homes in Maryland and Virginia are
very popular for quick occupancy.