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Real estate terminology can be confusing to home buyers. agents and brokers understand the language and will explain what everything means to you.

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Abstract (Of Title)
Report of title search by Abstractor for examination by Title Attorney

Acceleration Clause
Loan accelerated due in full following default

Agreement of Sale
Contract between buyer and seller for sale of real estate

Term of mortgage loan representing full payment

Determination of value of property by licensed Appraiser

Assumption of Mortgage
Buyer assumes existing indebtedness on property

Basement Styles
In-ground, walk-out, walk-up

Binder or "Offer to Purchase"
Ratified Contract

Broker (See real estate broker)
Licensed to engage in real estate brokerage

Building Line or Setback
County requirement for distance from boundary to structure

Closing Costs
Cost of transferring property, legal fees, county/state transfer fees

Closing Day
Day of settlement, seller signs deed, buyer pays for property

Cloud (On Title)
Unpaid tax liens, judgment liens

Fee for sale of real property under listing agreement

County declaration of unsafe property

Association owned property with condo owner members

Contract of Purchase
Agreement to purchase and sell

Licensed construction company, electrical, plumbing, roofing.

Conventional Mortgage
Mortgage loans not insured by FHA or guaranteed by Veterans Affairs

Cooperative Housing
Property owned by corporation and shares owned by residents

Title to real property

Deed of Trust
Security for mortgage loan which is a lien on deed

Mortgage that is in arrears

Value of property decreases

Documentary Stamps
State tax on transfer of real property

Cash payment towards purchase price

Earnest Money
Deposit held in escrow until settlement

Easement Rights
Right-of-way for government, utilities or other access

Part of building, fence or other structure that intrudes on property

Property interest or lien on property

Owners interest in property over mortgage balance and market value

Depository account for earnest money held in trust until settlement

Taking and sale of property on which the owner has defaulted on the payment

General Warranty Deed
A deed which conveys the grantor's interests in and title and warrants good title free of defects

Buyer of property

Seller of property

Hazard Insurance
Insurance for fire and other hazards

Home Types
Single detached, attached or multi-family

Home Styles
Design of one story, two story, split

U.S. Department of Housing and Development, enforces federal housing laws

Charge paid by borrower to lender of money

Claim filed against deed on property for money owed

Marketable Title
Title is free of liens and encumbrances

A lien against property for which money is borrowed

Mortgage Commitment

Approval of loan after all information has been verified

Mortgage Note
Agreement to repay a mortgage loan

Lender of money secured by property

Borrower of money secured by property

Map or drawing showing boundaries, easements, location of structures

1% of loan amount paid to lender as a fee

Fee paid by borrower to HUD to pay for cost of FHA mortgage insurance

Payment of mortgage principal before due date

Mortgage loan balance owed

Purchase Agreement
Contract of Sale

Quitclaim Deed
A deed transferring ownership from one party or parties to another party or parties

Real Estate Broker
Person licensed to engage in helping buyer or seller buy or sell

Obtain new mortgage loan and pay off old one

Restrictive Covenants
Private restrictions limiting use of property

Sales Agreement
Contract of Sale

Special Assessments
Periodic or one time charge to owners to pay for improvements

Special Lien
A lien against a specific piece of property, not all property

Special Warranty Deed
In a special warranty deed the grantor guarantees to the grantee that he has done nothing during the time he held title to the property which has, or which might in the future, impair the grantee's title.

State Stamps
Transfer taxes paid to state or county to transfer property

Drawing of boundaries of lot, situate of improvements, if any, and easements

Fee levied by government against property owners

Document of ownership of property

Title Insurance
Insures property owner for claims against the title

Title Search or Examination
Search land records for liens or encumbrances against title

A party who is given legal responsibility to hold property in the best interest of or "for the benefit of" another.

Zoning Ordinances
The acts of an authorized local government establishing building codes, and setting forth regulations for property land usage.