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When you apply for mortgage financing, most lenders will require a recent termite inspection and certification as a condition for home loan approval. The inspection must be done within 30 days of settlement. Many conventional loans do not require a termite inspection. does require a termite inspection to protect our home buyers. We'll make the arrangements for the termite inspection company to get access to the property and deliver the Certificate to the lender. Termite inspectors typically charge $50-60 depending on home size for an inspection in which they inspect for active and past infestations and prior damage left by previous infestations. The buyer pays for the inspection and the sellers pay for treatment/repairs. If there is an active colony of any wood destroying insect, the contract generally will require that the seller have the infestation treated prior to settlement and any damage resulting from the infestation repaired. There is a limit of 2% of the purchase price to cover treatment and repairs. Rarely does treatment and repairs cost more than 2% of the contract price.

The termite clause in the Maryland Residential Contract of Sale is negotiable. What isn't negotiable is that many lenders require a Certificate. Most government loans, Veterans Administration Home Loans and FHA loans require a termite inspection. will schedule and attend the termite inspection and make sure that you are protected. The termite Certificate is usually good for 30 days, so we generally order the termite inspection approximately one week before scheduled settlement. If settlement is delayed beyond 30 days of the Certificate, it will have to be updated. Termite inspections are visual and include the interior and exterior of the residential building and generally do not include fencing or out buildings, although if a fence is attached to the house, many appraisers will require that the fence be covered by the inspection.

If the termite inspector finds evidence of prior infestation that has been treated but damage has not been repaired, our contract requires that damage be repaired by the seller prior to settlement. Home owners can avoid termite damage repair only so long. Maryland is home to some vigorous and hardy termite colonies. They thrive on the moist climate, wood frame homes and mulch that most home owners use in flower beds. Home owners should have a termite inspection performed by a licensed company every year. Once you have had a colony eradicated, you never know when they'll be back. Better be safe than sorry. $50 is not much to pay for peace of mind. Be wary of home sellers who claim that the house is "protected with a termite company warranty". Quite often home owners neglect regular inspection because they have a “warranty”.


Note: Termites cannot read

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