Welcome buyers by:

Accurate Information on your Homefinders.com For Sale By Owner web page.
Check the web page for your site advertising your home for sale to make sure it is accurate. No one knows your home better than you, the owner.

Access to Your Home For Sale By Owner to home buying consumers.
Make sure your home is accessible during the showing hours of each day. Many homes would sell much faster than they do if the home could be seen easily.

Curb Appeal. The Exterior Is The First View
Grass and plantings should be kept well trimmed. Grass that is not cut and trimmed will often cause a prospective buyer to just keep driving. Landscaping should be trimmed so that prospective buyers know that landscaping has been well maintained. Your phone number will not be on your web page. The calls will come to Homefinders.com and we'll arrange to show your home. To help us help you, your home should be available as much as possible, especially on the weekends.

Pick Up and Put Away - Neatness Counts
If you're home during the day, just keep things put away. If everyone is away for the day, do a final walk through each morning and make sure that the house is neat; If there is clutter around, the prospective buyers will focus on the clutter. You never know when a Homefinders.com partner will call to make an appointment to show your home for sale.

Final inspection before leaving daily.
Beds made.
Dishes washed and put away or in dish washer.
Make sure wet towels are hung to dry..
Laundry should be in laundry baskets.
Remove extra furniture, books, decorator features to storage areas.
Make closets as neat as possible.
If the garage is used for storage, put items on shelves or in boxes.
Let in as much light as possible. Bright homes are more inviting.
If you have pets and can't be home during the day, invest in a pet carrier.
Put that hair curler away. Same with tooth paste and all toiletry items.

Final maintenance items
Make sure all light bulbs are working.
Clean the fireplace if one is used.
If the grout in the bathrooms shows any signs of mold or mildew, treat and repair.
Make sure the filters in the heating and cooling units are replaced often.

If prospective buyers spend time in the house, we want them to be discussing where to place their furniture.