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When you work with a Buyer's Agent in the Maryland or Northern Virginia real estate market, we do more than just show homes to you and write contracts. Our experienced Buyer's Agents work with many local lenders who offer good rates and have the type of mortgage loans that most buyers need.

Real estate mortgage business in Maryland and Virginia has gone high tech, just as many industries have. Today, it isn't necessary to make a loan application, pay for credit reports, wait for days to get a credit review. will
refer you to experienced local lenders who will pre-qualify you FREE of charge to you, no credit report fee, no application fee.

We have no relationships with any lender, mortgage brokers, bank or any other entity that is in the business of loan origination. and our agents DO NOT receive any financial benefit or payment from lenders to whom we refer home buyers. Our agents do, however, work with many home buyers and many lenders and, once we determine your particular home financing needs, refer you to lenders that offer the types of loans specific to YOUR needs.

FREE pre-qualification or pre-approval is always available to home buyers in Maryland or Virginia working with a Buyer's Agent.

If you would like to discuss your mortgage financial needs with us, just call Lenn Harley, Broker for Lenn is very experienced with buyers needs and can analyze your borrowing potential in a few minutes. Once you know what your price range is, you are ready to tour homes. We're ready.

Contact us. We can help.

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