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Water Front Buyers

Water Front Real Estate In Maryland

We'll be happy to show you waterfront properties in your area of choice. The premium for waterfront properties or lots is from $150,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the water frontage and "Mean Low Water" depth. We can help. Our water front experts are familiar with the needs of water front home buyers in Maryland and Virginia.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Buy waterfront homes in Maryland and Northern Virginia SOON. There will not be any more tidal Chesapeake Bay, river or natural creek waterfront properties. What is here now is all there will EVER be. Contact us. We can help.

Water front properties are also becoming more scarce due to wetlands preservation in Maryland and Northern Virginia. What was buildable 10 years ago may not be today.

Most waterfront properties in Maryland CAN NOT have additional square feet added. The Chesapeake Bay Preservation rules severly limit what a homeowner can do on sensitive water front real estate.

Maryland has an abundance of water front properties for year round residence or week-end get-away places. Miles and miles of water front properties in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's, Harford counties AND the Eastern Shore areas make water front homes a popular type of home ownership.

water front homes
"Water front homes in Maryland and Virginia"

Maryland IS waterfront. On the Chesapeake Bay, the Severn River, the Matothy River, the South River, the Potomac River, the Patuxent River and more. Look for water front properties along the many miles of waterfront in Maryland. Virginia water front properties are primarily in Stafford County on the Potomac, King George on the Potomac and along the Occoquan in Prince William. Alexandria on the Potomac has some lovely water front properties.

The Chesapeake Bay, the Severn River, the Magothy River, the South River and other important water ways offer unique opportunities for waterfront real estate. Maryland has some of the most beautiful and useful water front homes and real estate on the east coast. We have the Chesapeake Bay, the most spectacular estuary in the country. The many rivers and streams that cover the eastern shore of Maryland offer many thousands of feet of water frontage. Our job is to find the very best water front, water oriented, water access home for you at the best price.

Water Front Property Is Very Scarce
Water, water everywhere and hardly a lot to spare. Water front lots are finite. Sure, there are many feet of water front. However, the State of Maryland has implemented restrictions on development of these lots that make new construction extremely difficult and expensive. Building permits are limited. So, the resale market is brisk and scarce. But, our job is to (1) know where to look and (2) know the value.

Unique Properties
Water front properties are difficult to price because there are seldom two alike. Individual property owners naturally try to sell their properties for as much as they can. Our job is to give you the facts so you can make realistic offers for the market.

Where To Park The Sail Boat
Many water front communities have a limited number of water front homes, but offer community access to marina slips and boat launch facilities. Often these communities will have club memberships to recreation facilities for families, restaurants and occasionally a golf course. So, while you may not be prepared to pay for waterfront real estate real estate, there are many water oriented communities with marinas, boat slips and launch areas for small boats.

Maryland Means Water
The areas offering water oriented properties include: Anne Arundel County - Severn River, Chesapeake Bay, Magothy River, South River, other rivers, bays, creeks, and streams. Bay front property is the most expensive but there are often homes for sale at reasonable prices. Fixer-uppers are sought but few exist since even the smallest
home with water frontage sells for a good price.

Our agents know the areas very well. If you are in the market for luxury waterfront, we'll find that jewel for you.

 "Sunset on the Severn River"
"Sunset on the Severn River"



Waterfront homes in Anne Arundel are abundant with 5 major rivers, the Severn, the Magothy, the Rhodes, the West, the South and the Chesapeake Bay, on which these great properties have been constructed on the years. The Severn River is a popular body of water with Annapolis on it's shores and the popularity of Sail Boating. Average price of waterfront properties in Anne Arundel County is $1,418,031.

Calvert County is a peninsula with water on two shores, the Chesapeake Bay to the East and the Patuxent River on the West. Average prices are about $957,903. Much of Calvert County waterfront properties are "CLIFF" lots that overlook the Chesapeake Bay and have a spectacular morning sunrise.

Cecil County is at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in the northern area with the Susquehanna River, the Elk and the Bohemia Rivers. Average prices in Cecil County for waterfront homes is $1,170,798. Cecil County is rural and offers beautiful waterfront properties with good lot sizes.

Charles County waterfront homes are mostly in the Southern and Western areas along the Potomac River. Popular waterfront communities offer well priced homes with an average price of about $954,447 and these homes are within commuting distance to D.C.

Prince George's County has a limited number of waterfront properties, primarily in Ft. Washington in a golf course community with a marina in Fort Washington on the Potomac River. The average price for waterfront homes in Prince George's County is $989,718.

St. Mary's County waterfront homes are on the Potomac River in the North and the Patuxent River in the South. Prices are exciting, averaging $748,335, when compared with areas closer to D.C. and lovely waterfront communities are popular with local home buyers and relocating employees at Patuxent River Naval Base.

AVERAGE PRICES FOR WATERFRONT PROPERTIES IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA. Prices reflect Single Family residences except for Alexandria City which are town homes.

Alexandria City waterfront homes are located along the Potomac River across from Washington D.C. offering an average price of $1,653,056. These homes are large town homes in communities with a view of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to Maryland and the Ronald Reagan Airport across the water.

Arlington County (city) has few waterfront properties and as of 2009, there is one estate home on the Potomac River offered at $8,850,000.

Fairfax County waterfront homes are along the Potomac River as it wraps around the county in the North and East and along the Occoquan River in the South. The average price for waterfront homes in Fairfax County is about $2,785,040.

King George County offers many waterfront homes with acreage along the Potomac River (wide water) with waterfront community and water front estate homes. The average price for waterfront properties in King George County is $1,108,652.

Loudoun County waterfront homes are on two beautiful rivers, the Potomac River in the East and the Shennandoah River to the West. These rivers in this area are shallow, fast flowing and offer wonderful Bass, Smallmouth and Largemouth fishing. This is a rural area and many home sites offer beautiful mountain views. Average price for waterfront homes in Loudoun County is $1,697,934.

Prince William county waterfront offers home sites primarily on interior fresh water lakes or reservoirs, Lake Jackson in Manassas and the Occoquan River in Occoquan. These are both popular fresh water empoundments with waterfront home sites popular as second homes or weekend retreats. The Occuquan Reservoir offers excellent Largemounth Bass fishing. The average price is $929,910.

Stafford County waterfront homes are on the Potomac River, Aquia Creek which is a contributory to the Potomac River and on the Rappahannock River at Fredericksburg. Stafford offers waterfront prices in good prices with an average of $760,509. Aquia Harbour is a popular waterfront community in the northern area of Stafford County.